Fertilization and Weed Control

Lawn fertilization and treatments are a must when a thick, lush lawn is desired.  Nature alone is unable to provide the grass with everything it needs while eliminating other unwanted grasses and weeds.  Some of the benefits of fertilization are as follows:

  • Darker green, thicker grass.
  • Denser grass growth leading to less room for weeds to grow and less exposed dirt.
  • Diseases are less likely to catch hold, and if they do it’s easier for a lush lawn to bounce back from it.
  • Thicker roots system leading to less erosion.
  • A stronger lawn can stand up against drought conditions and insects better.
  • Pre-emergents, when correctly timed, prevent the growth of new weeds and unwanted grasses.
  • Liquid herbicide applications will kill unwanted weeds already present in the lawn without damaging the existing turf.
  • Lime can raise the pH of the soil to the optimal range for healthy grass growth.


Our Typical 5 stage fertilizer application with weed killer application and Lime:

1. Early Spring (march/april): Pre-emergent fertilizer with 'stonewall' in order to prevent the germination and growth of crab grass, broadleaf, and grassy weeds for 120 days.

2. Late Spring (Mid April-May): Pre-emergent fertilizer with 'Dimension" to cover the broadleaf weeds not covered by the "Stonewall" 6application. A further 120 days for full season coverage.

3. Summer (June-Aug): Either a grub control fertilizer if there are signs of grubs or pests present, otherwise a fertilizer with a high iron and potash content to keep the grass green during periods of heat/drought.

4. Fall (Around Labor Day): Fertilizer with a balanced NPK for overall lawn health and beauty, and recovery from summer stress. A starter fertilizer can be substituted if pairing with over-seeding, high in phosphorus for root growth.

5. Late Fall/Winter (Late October through December): Winterizing root zone fertilizer with high nitrogen for the intake of nutrients and storage for the following spring. $75.00.


Chemical Applications:

Application of an 'Over-the-Top' liquid herbicide to kill tough weeds already present in the lawn such as clover and dandelions.

One application in April or May A second application might be necessary to target any weeds or sedges not killed in the first round, typically in June Lime: Application of pelletized lime in order to raise the pH for optimal grass health.

Pair with lawn mowing , aeration, and over-seeding for a substantial discount!!! Contact us for more details!







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